Stay Healthy in Public Pools

Swimming in public pools can be pretty risky for the health.  Almost everyone knows that there are all kinds of bacteria and germs floating around in the refreshing waters of the community pool, and when the mercury rises, the pool water warms up, which makes the breeding ground for germs even more fertile.


No matter how crowded the public pool, you can stay healthy and happy.

No matter how crowded the public pool, you can stay healthy and happy.

Despite the best efforts of many public pools, the E-coli and other types of bacteria that make many people sick still abounds.  That’s why it’s essential to know what you can do to avoid getting sick from that day in the water.

For parents:

You might be thinking that it’s not your responsibility to keep the pool clean, but if everyone follows a few steps with their little ones, the whole pool can be a cleaner place to enjoy.  Before you let your little ones get in the water, make sure that you put them in a fresh swimming diaper, and clean them well.  This can help to prevent E-coli from transferring from your little one to the water.

Change diapers in the appropriate place, and as soon as you notice that your little one needs the change.  Remember that water is relaxing to small children, and accidents happen.  Also, if your child has or is getting over diarrhea, avoid the pool until they are totally better.

For everyone:

It might be a little bit personal, but make sure that you’ve showered before you hit the water – and that goes for everyone coming with you.  Cleanliness is so crucial, because if you’re unclean, the bacteria from your body will travel into the pool water.

Never swallow pool water.  If you, or anyone that you are with gets pool water in your mouth, be sure to spit it out, and swish with fresh water as soon as possible.

Be sure to wash hands well before re-entering the pool after using the restroom, too.  It’s easy to forget that water doesn’t typically “rinse” the hands of the germs that can be transferred in that simple action.  When you’re told to get out of the pool so staff can clean up an “accident,” make sure to get out quickly to minimize exposure to the contaminants that are in the pool.

Also, many pools offer reports about the cleanliness and safety of the water, so don’t be afraid to ask to see it if you’re worried.

So, don’t hesitate to enjoy a day cooling off from the summer heat.  You can stay healthy and avoid becoming ill with just a few simple steps.

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Written by Melissa Krosby

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