Healthy Restaurant Food: Yes You Can – When You Know How

Many people think that there is no such thing as healthy restaurant food, and they are partly right, but there are ways to enjoy a night out – without blowing that bikini diet.  What’s even better is that there is a way to enjoy just about anything on the menu, or at least give yourself many different selections.


It is possible to stay on the diet when you know how to choose healthy restaurant food.

It is possible to stay on the diet when you know how to choose healthy restaurant food.

Check out these common foods, and how to make them healthier:


Salads at a restaurant can be downright iffy.  A good rule of thumb is that just because it’s lettuce, doesn’t make it healthy.  The problem isn’t in the veggies that you choose to enjoy; it’s all the extras.  Make a house salad a healthy option by choosing to have any dressings delivered on the side, and avoid high fat creamy dressings.  Cheese can be terrific for the bones, but too much can sabotage the diet efforts, so if you must have it, ask that they top the salad with only half of what they ordinarily would.


When it comes to meat, if it’s lean, it could be a healthy option for the diet.  Even steak is an option, just make sure that it’s grilled, and choose a smaller sized cut of meat.  Avoid common pitfalls that many experience and skip sauces.  They taste delicious, but they can also be a fat and calorie trap.

Enjoy chicken, and fish too.  Just choose grilled versions, and skip the sauce.


Sides are a common pitfall.  They are often carbohydrates such as potatoes or rice dishes, and they can stretch the waistline more than you might think.  Consider skipping the potatoes or rice, and enjoy some steamed veggies on the side instead.  Many restaurants offer different types of vegetable dishes to choose from, so don’t worry about being stuck eating broccoli forever.

It is possible to go on a diet and keep living your life, so now that you know how to do it, why not get out there and start living again.  Dieting for weight loss is about lifestyle changes, so learning how to eat a healthy dinner at a restaurant can help you to maintain the progress you’ve started.

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