The “Fast Diet” Controversial But Effective

A new diet referred to as the “Fast Diet” sweeping across the UK right now is expected to be introduced to the United States soon. Because of the diet’s popularity and it being well-received in Britain, health experts assume that the notion will catch on just as fast in the United States.

The Fast Diet is based on the premise of fasting (not eating) for two days out of the 7-day week, while eating at will the other 5 days. This 5:2 diet may seem like another fly by night fad diet, however it seems that the public in the UK like the diet’s concept.

Fasting diets or “crash diets” as they are proclaimed have come under great criticisms in the past, as some health experts say that fasting is a dangerous practice- and it can be the predecessor of unhealthy binge/eating practices that ultimately destroy the body’s metabolism.

However, with this new fasting Fast Diet Plan individuals eat minimal healthy foods of 250-300 calories while fasting, and then are able to eat whatever they want the other 5 days of the week. The reason this fasting type diet works is because as Dr. Michael Mosley co-author of “The Fast Diet” book states:

 ” The body begins to turn off the fat-storing mechanisms and turn on fat-burning systems.”

Mosly along with the other co-writer of the book both tried the 5:2 fasting diet on for size. Both lost 20lbs or more in the duration of the 9 weeks they put the fast diet plan into action, and found from extensive research that this was a realistic approach to fasting and weight loss that ultimately leads to “weight loss, a lower risk of cancer and heart disease, and increased energy.”

The book initially released in the U.K. contains information that provides Fast Diet users information, tips, meal plans, and recipes to help them follow the diet.

A BBC documentary has been filmed that features the authors and provides viewers with everything they need to know about this popular new diet. So with it’s impressive popularity in the UK, The Fast Diet book is soon to released and available in the United States. If Americans take to this fasting diet as the British do- we could be seeing the next big diet fad since the Atkins Diet- take us by storm.

What do you think about this Fast Diet?  Is it something you would try to lose weight with?

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Written by Heidi Shepard

Heidi was born and raised in Vero Beach, Florida. At a very young age she discovered her passion for writing, and graduated in 1996 from Florida State University with a major in journalism and minor in Nursing. She is a licensed RN part-time and also works full-time writing for various local health journals and papers. She is a definite asset to Newhealthalert. Not only does her experience and passion show through her keen writing, but her expertise in the medical field enables her to capture the best news topics and subjects found in the health niche.

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