New WebMD Research Supports Green Coffee Bean Extract As An Effective Weight Loss Aid

green-coffee-bean-extract-mainAs if Dr. Oz has not advertised and supported green coffee bean extract enough, now studies have confirmed that the new super-food is most effective for consistent weight loss.

The University of Scranton recently performed a study that took place over about 22 weeks. The candidates consumed pure Green Coffee Bean Extract supplements while another group were given a placebo. In this time the individuals that took the green coffee bean supplements daily lost about 17 lbs while not changing their diets. In addition, the higher the dose of the green coffee bean extract, the more weight the individuals lost.

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The University’s Professor of Chemistry, Joe Vinson remarks, “We don’t think it’s the caffeine in it,”

The findings from this study were presented at the American Chemical Society in San Diego. These results are in unison with other previous studies performed by Vinson on using green coffee bean extract as a weight loss aid. However, this time larger doses of the coffee bean extract were used in comparison to the first studies conducted.

In the most recent research Vinson gave men and women 2 different dosages- a 700 mg dose and  a 1,050 mg dose. In addition, Vinson also says that

“Although no diet restrictions were employed, their calories were monitored  closely. They averaged about 2,400 calories a day — by no means a weight reduction plan. However they burned an average of 400 calories per day through physical activity.”

The results concluded that on average those who took higher doses of green coffee bean extract lost from 7lbs to26lbs (an overall average of 17lbs.) Their body fat decreased by 16 percent while their weight declined for an average of 10.5%.

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Vinson emphasizes the fact in his statement that it is not the caffeine that is present in the unroasted green coffee beans that assists in weight loss, but it is suspected that the chloregenic acid contained in the coffee beans that helps with weight loss. Chloregenic acid has an impact on the way that glucose in the blood stream and organs are absorbed.

Roasted coffee beans that we are familiar with are brown- and once they are roasted they lose their potency of the important weight loss component, chloregenic acid.

Further candidates which participated in the study (which was conducted in India) also mad no reports of ill side effects associated with taken the green coffee bean supplements, instead the only adverse effect of taking green coffee bean extract is the bitter taste of the capsules or supplement pills.

Director of the Washington University of Nutrition, Connie Diekman commented:

“The results are interesting, but the study was small and short, so further study is needed.”

However, Vinson also has stated in lieu of his findings through this research that ” a larger study is needed, and I plan on incorporating a larger group with this next study of about 60 candidates to gather more in depth data and information on the effects of green coffee bean extract on weight loss.”

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