Amazing Health Benefits of Sex – Which You Probably Didn’t Know About

After a long day at work juggling kids, the household and life, it’s pretty likely that the only thing most people are thinking of is their head hitting the pillow and falling asleep.  While the amazing health benefits of sex aren’t usually on the top of many peoples’ minds, they should be, because there are so very many.


A good sex life has many amazing health benefits

A good sex life has many amazing health benefits

Maybe it’s time to start making time for relaxation and intimacy that a healthy sex life can offer, and reap some of the benefits to health, as well.

-          Great for the heart.  Yes, sex is a workout, and everyone knows that any workout is great for the heart, but the act itself helps to ease stress and anxiety and can be very beneficial in lowering the blood pressure.  And it’s actually great for older adults as well as studies show that men that had sex twice as weekly or more were half as likely to have a fatal heart attack than those that had sex once a month.  Don’t worry; it doesn’t cause strokes.

-          A Great calorie burn.  Dieting?  Consider turning the heat up in the bedroom a little bit, and it’s possible that shedding those extra pounds will become easier.  Just a half hour spent rolling around between the sheets can burn upwards of 85 calories.  It’s not a lot, but over time, those calories can add up.

-          Stronger immunity.  Those that have sex at least once or twice weekly has been linked to higher levels of Immunoglobin A, which helps to prevent colds and other bugs.

-          Boosts self confidence.  We all feel great when we know that we’ve got someone in our lives that wants to spend time with us to make us feel great, and who wants us to be the one that makes them feel great in turn, but frequent sex can help with overall self esteem, as well.

-          For women, stronger muscles in the pelvic floor.  Yes, ladies.  It happens  that little leak that sometimes occurs with age, with laughter, jumping jacks, running.  Strong pelvic floor muscles help to prevent many of these problems and a good sex life can help to make these essential muscles stronger.

-          For men, lower chance of prostate cancer.  While it’s not going to eliminate the chances of getting it, a good sex life might actually reduce the chances of suffering from prostate cancer.

-          Reduces pain.  Now there is no reason to say that it’s a headache that makes sex seem undesirable because sex releases the feel good hormones that the body needs to help balance everything from the overall mood to pain response.  More sex, less pain.

-          Keeps relationships strong.  When a couple is enjoying a good sex life, they feel more connected, and that connection, aka intimacy helps couples to stay strong and happy together.

With all the amazing health benefits of sex, it’s a wonder that more people don’t enjoy it more often.  Maybe it’s time to put the sleepy feeling aside for just a little bit and work on reconnecting.  Your mate and your body will thank you.

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Written by Melissa Krosby

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