SlimQuick: Quickly Slimming, or Not Worth It?

SlimQuick is a product that claims to be able to help women that want to lose weight to boost their metabolism and shed pounds more easily than with diet and exercise alone.  Many women have used this supplement in an effort to lose weight, but does it work and is it worth it?

SlimQuick is a diet supplement that has been formulated exclusively for women.

SlimQuick is a diet supplement that has been formulated exclusively for women.

The concept

SlimQuick has been designed for women because it claims that it helps women to burn fat more effectively and balance the hormones.  It enables women to break the hormone barrier so that they can burn fat more efficiently, and begin to reach their diet goals.

According to the company, the SlimQuick products work in six ways to help dieters to shed pounds and unwanted fat:

  •           Increase the metabolism.
  •           Reduce the appetite.
  •           Boost energy levels.
  •           Eliminate excess water weight.
  •           Eliminate PMS symptoms.
  •           Reduce stress levels.

The combination of these effects is reported to help women have faster weight loss results than dieting and exercise alone, so less time is spent feeling like no progress is made, and more time is spent seeing results and staying on track.

The claim is that women can lose up to 25 pounds when they use SlimQuick, in addition to a healthy diet, and exercise routine.


While the company claims that they have done clinical studies on the product, it’s not listed on the site, so it makes one wonder if the company honestly did do research or if they are just using the term to make the product look authentic.

I did find another review of the product that claimed to have “broken down” the ingredients and discovered that they were just herbs that were used to eliminate menstrual cramps that many women get.


The price isn’t overwhelmingly high, but it depends on how many are taken per day, and the results that women want to achieve.  Their site advertises a bottle of 120 for $49.99, which isn’t bad, but once again, it largely depends on how many the dieter is taking.


Whenever anyone is considering taking a diet supplement, they should always consider whether or not the product is safe.  Some of the ingredients of this product might not be great for a person if they are taken in high doses, such as hydroquinone, and uva ursi, which has been used for centuries as a way to treat issues such as bladder infections.

However, this isn’t meant to say that SlimQuick is harmful to people when they take it as recommended.  The best option is to talk to a health care provider to make sure that it is a healthy option for you.

Should you try it?

So, should you try SlimQuick as a way to burn fat and lose weight?  Maybe, but then again, maybe the first step is to start living a healthier, more active lifestyle and enjoy a healthy diet that is low in saturated fats, sugar and sodium.

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