Top Summer Workouts for Weight Loss

Looking for the top summer workouts for weight loss?  You’re not alone.  It’s bikini season, and that means that it’s time to slim down.  Great diets can go a long way toward helping with weight loss, but a perfect summer workout or two can boost metabolism and help you to look your best all year round.


Rock climbing is one of the top summer workouts to look great all year.

Rock climbing is one of the top summer workouts to look great all year.

Take a swim

Doing some laps can be an excellent way to increase the heart rate, increase metabolism, and the water’s resistance can help to tone up muscles, as well.  The beautiful part is that even with joint problems; people can enjoy a good swim and get the workout that their bodies need.  An hour of swimming can burn as much as 550 calories, but that will depend on your overall fitness level, how hard you work and how much you weigh.

Strap on some rollerblades

While it might feel like you’re just rolling along, maintaining your balance and staying upright is an outstanding core firming workout.  Plus, once you get decent at it, you’ll be amazed to find out what a fantastic workout you can get, without the stomping that the joints can take with other types of cardio exercise.  Be sure to strap on your wrist guards, elbow and knee guards before you head out, though.  And a helmet is a good idea, as well.  You’ll burn up to 675 calories an hour, but again, that will depend on how much you weigh, how hard you work out and your overall fitness level.

Climb rocks

Not just that little rock pile in your back yard, but something a bit more challenging.  There are lots of state parks that have fantastic places to climb, and you’re toning, firming and burning an incredible amount of calories.  Not into the climb?  Go hiking instead.  Hiking can be as challenging as you want it to be, but this is a fantastic way to spend time with family and friends, and see some things that you might not have seen before.  You’ll burn as many as 600 calories an hour, depending on what you choose to do, but keep in mind that you don’t burn as much if you don’t work hard.

Ride your bike

Biking is one of those things that many of us did as kids that kept us thin, but we never actually thought about it.  Take that pleasure to a new level and see how fit you can be when you hop on your bike and ride some of the stunning trails that can be found all across the country.  Go at your own pace and enjoy the ride, and even get your whole family in on the action.  You can burn as many as 750 calories an hour, but expect to burn less if you’re just enjoying a leisurely ride.


Hands down, one of the best summer workouts for weight loss is running.  It’s easy to do and totally portable, and it’s one of the best ways to kick start metabolism and shed some pounds.  Looking for an even greater challenge?  Interval training can be one of the fastest ways to burn fat and get fit.  If it’s just something a little more leisurely you’re looking for, take a brisk walk.  You won’t burn as many calories, but you’ll get your heart pumping and enjoy the many health benefits of a good workout.  You’ll burn around 200 calories for a good walk, and you’ll feel fabulous when you’re done.

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