Top Flabby Foods to Avoid This Beach Season

There are some flabby foods that can sabotage the waistline, but by avoiding them, it is possible to beat the bloat and look amazing in that tiny beach wear all summer long.  With the mercury rising, it’s time to turn the attention to how that little bikini or that pair of swim trunks are going to look this summer.  Don’t be afraid to take off the cover-up or shirt, just avoid these foods and bust the bloat and fat before it starts:


Cauliflower is one food to avoid when wearing that bikini.

Cauliflower is one food to avoid when wearing that bikini.

Broccoli and other cruciferous veggies

Yes, they are incredible for you, partly because they contain such a highly concentrated amount of nutrients, but these veggies can cause gas – and bloat.  This can spell trouble when you’re trying to look your slimmest on the beach, or anywhere else.  Avoid veggies like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower are bad news for the belly.   These veggies all contain raffinose, a type of sugar, which is broken down by bacteria that cause gas.  Gas means bloat, so wait until you get home to enjoy these goodies.

What to consider:  A better snack for the beach might be whole grain chips and salsa.  The whole grains are nutritious, and salsa is naturally a low-sodium, healthy option.


Unless you make them yourself, and know how many calories they contain, these are best avoided, and not just on beach days.  Smoothies can contain a ton of calories, depending on the ingredients, so if you’re out and craving one, consider going with one that has loads of fruit in it.  While you’re at it, check for the nutrition information before you start slurping.

What to consider:  Make your own smoothies on your own, with lots and lots of fruit and low fat yogurt so you can better monitor your calories and sugar.

Diet sodas

On a hot day, there might be nothing more refreshing than an ice cold diet cola over ice, but those no calorie sweeteners combined with carbonation could do nothing but ruin your svelte look.  No calorie sweeteners tend to make the body think that it needs to consume more calories when a meal is eventually eaten, and that can sabotage the diet efforts.  When it comes to the carbonation, those bubbles grow and grow and in many; they can cause gas and bloating, and that’s a recipe for puffiness all around.

What to consider:  If the thought of ordinary water isn’t exciting, consider making a flavorful treat with orange slices, cucumber slices, lemon or lime slices and a glass of water on ice.  There are no calories, and you can eat the fruit when you’re done with the water.

Frozen “skillet” dinners

Those frozen skillet dinners can be so easy and taste fabulous, but they can do a number on the bikini body.  It’s not necessarily the ingredients; it’s all the sodium that can be found in many of these products, so look for frozen treats with less sodium and you’ll avoid retaining water and bloat.

What to consider:  Keep the frozen skillet dinners, but look for ones that have less sodium.  A simple grocery store comparison will help you to choose the best ones for your waist – and your ankles.

It might seem hard to keep your body looking thin and sleek, but when you know what to eat – and what to avoid, you will find that you can stay lean all summer long.

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Written by Melissa Krosby

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