Typhoid Fever in Nordstrom Café; Customers Being Warned

Customers of the popular Nordstrom Café in Stonestown Galleria, in San Francisco, may have been exposed to typhoid fever.  On Friday in San Francisco, the Health Department began warning those that have eaten recently at the Nordstrom Café in the popular Stonestown Galleria that they may have been exposed to the illness.


Customers of a Nordstrom Cafe being warned of thyphoid fever.

Customers of a Nordstrom Cafe being warned of thyphoid fever.

Officials are saying that the most important thing to remember is that as of yet, no one has become ill with typhoid fever that has eaten at the Nordstrom Café.  According to officials, an employee of the restaurant got the illness while overseas.  When the employee returned to work and was handling food at the restaurant and began to experience symptoms of the illness.

The health department is looking for anyone that ate at the Café during the last couple of weeks in April.  According to Dr. Susan Philip of the SF Health Department, “If they ate at the Stonestown Nordstrom Cafe on the dates of April 16, 17, 18, 20, 27, and they start developing symptoms of illness, particularly gastrointestinal illness or high fever and rash, they should speak with their health care provider,”

She also wants people to know that while the disease is not terribly easily transmitted, it is possible to get it when food that has been handled by someone that is infected and the food is contaminated.  It is for this reason that officials are telling the public.

It’s not highly likely that people will become seriously ill in a country like the US, but in developing countries, typhoid fever is known to kill about 200,000 people each year.  Philip says, “But the majority of people do not progress to very serious illness.”  She does stress, however that there is the potential for becoming extremely ill, so seeking medical attention as soon as possible when symptoms are experienced is essential.

According to the CDC, symptoms of typhoid fever may include:

-          Fever as high as 104

-          Stomach pains and weakness

-          Lack of appetite

-          Occasionally a rash

When it comes to preventing typhoid fever, the CDC says that food should be boiled, cooked, peeled or avoided.  Water should be boiled at a rolling boil for a minute before it’s consumed, or choose bottled water.  Food should be cooked thoroughly and eaten while hot and steaming.  Raw fruits and vegetables should be peeled by the person consuming the food and peels should not be eaten.

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