Guys: Want to Stay Healthy? Maintain a Happy Marriage

It sounds so uncomplicated:  a happy marriage equals a healthier man, right?  Blow it off, ignore it; think what you want but statistics and studies don’t lie.  Yes, they have done studies on this kind of thing, and, as any happily married man will tell you, the results are that happily married men are overall healthier.


Studies show that a happy marriage can be a great health boost for men

Studies show that a happy marriage can be a great health boost for men

When it comes to heart health

There was a Framingham Offspring Study that followed over 3,600 adults over the course of 10 years.  When they took the common risks for heart disease such as smoking, body fat, age, cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure and put them in the equation, researchers found that married men were as much as 46% less likely to die from heart related problems as men that were not married.

Okay, but why?  It’s likely that married men tend to eat much healthier than their non married counterparts.  Not only do they tend to eat healthier, but happily married men probably don’t experience the rise of adrenaline and cytokines that have been found to cause inflammation, which is a significant factor in heart disease.

Take note, guys – the added stress that other researchers found to be connected to heart disease came only from marital problems, or divorce; and not from work.

When it comes to cancer

It’s pretty clear that a happy marriage can aid in heart health, mental health and can improve the quality of life for lots of guys, but cancer isn’t one of those illnesses that a happy marriage can help to fight.  However, in a study of over 27,000 cancer patients, scientists discovered that those who were married were more likely to catch their cancer in the early stages, and, therefore, had more potential for good outcomes.

Those who were not married often didn’t seek treatment for their cancer until the later stages, and cancers caught in the later stages have a greater mortality rate.

What it all means

The numbers are convincing for sure, but that doesn’t mean that you should rush out and marry the first woman you meet.  There are other factors to consider, and it appears that divorce or the death of a spouse can take a serious toll on the health of a man.

Mental health, loneliness, and depression are also quite high on the list when it comes to health problems that widowed or divorced men face.

All in all, if you’re struggling with your marriage and you believe there might be a single shred of hope; seek marriage counseling.  However, if you’re going through a divorce or have a spouse that has died and are struggling with it, it’s essential to take time for you.  Seek counseling if you need to and take some cooking classes or find a friend that will teach you so that you can maintain a healthy diet.

Decompress by getting plenty of cardio exercise and look for ways to be happy and relax.  Surround yourself with friends, go on a date and enjoy family as much as you can.

Marriage isn’t always happy, but when you know that you can be healthier because of a good one, it can be a little more reason to find that perfect someone.

Written by Tony Clark

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