Poll: 4 in 10 Unaware that Obamacare Is Law

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This chart from a Kaiser Family Foundation poll shows that barely more than half are even aware that the Obamacare legislation is in effect.

42% of Americans are not aware that Obamacare is “still the law of the land”, according to a tracking poll published Tuesday by the Kaiser Family Foundation. According to the findings, 12% think the law was repealed by Congress. 7% believed that the Surpreme Court overturned the legislation. The remaining 23% are not sure what the current status of Obamacare is.

As astonishing as those numbers may be, the Washington Post points out that those numbers show much better knowledge of the status of the Affordable Care Act than other polls:

This poll does, however, show greater awareness than separate research conducted last winter by Enroll America, a new non-profit that’s leading much of the outreach effort. It found that 78 percent of Americans likely to gain access to health coverage had no idea that such programs would roll out in 2014.

The Kaiser poll also shows that large numbers of people don’t feel that they have sufficient information to understand how their families will be affected. Those numbers are highest among the demographics that Obamacare advocates specifically claim to be benefiting. 58% of uninsured poll-takers and 56% of those in low-income households said that they lacked enough information.

Furthermore, the poll shows that those who have unfavorable veiws on Obamacare outnumber those who approve. The report shows that “35 percent report a favorable view, 40 percent an unfavorable view, and a full 24 percent report they have no opinion on the law….”

Finally, the attitude toward continuing efforts to repeal Obamacare are far more favorable than you might think if you use The Daily Show or The Colbert Report as a barometer of public opinion. Fully 53% feel that “those opposed to the health care law should continue trying to change or stop it….”. 33% of respondents feel that those opposed should “accept that it is now the law of the land and stop trying to block the law’s implementation”, while 13% say they didn’t know or did not want to answer the question.

Surprisingly, those numbers are an almost exact reflection of the percentages reported from self-identified Democrats, 54% of whom were in favor of continuing efforts to change or stop Obamacare. Among Republicans, fully 82% were in favor of Obamacare opponents making continued efforts to repeal or reform the Affordable Care Act.

President Obama addressed the problems as “hiccups…as the law is being implemented”, and indicated that the implementation of Obamacare will roll out on schedule. The Washington Post article says:

Forty-three percent approve of the job Mr. Obama is doing on the issue, compared to 53 percent who disapprove.

Mr. Obama said during a Tuesday news conference that there will continue to be hiccups in the coming months as the law is being implemented, but he said deadlines are being met and “sky-is-falling predictions” critics are making won’t come to pass.

“I think that any time you’re implementing something big, there is going to be people who are nervous and anxious about, ‘Is it going to get done?’ until it’s actually done,” he said, adding “that’s pretty much true of every government program that’s ever been set up.”

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Written by Heather Nelson

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