Guys – Top Lies We Tell Our Doctors, and How It Can Hurt

Is it possible that the lies we tell our doctors will come back to haunt us?  We’ve all been there; you go to the doctor, and he asks you that question that makes you distinctly uncomfortable.  You know that your answer isn’t going to be a good one, so what do you do?  Do you lie to your doctor, or do you tell the truth?

Guys often lie to their doctors, but is it smart?

Guys often lie to their doctors, but is it smart?

Chances are you lie, but it’s harmless, right?  After all, what harm could come from telling a little white lie?  Truth is; a lot.

Here are the top lies we tell our doctors, and why you want to start telling the truth:

-          Your sexual history.  Okay, no matter whether you’ve had some questionable drunken encounters or you’re a virgin, you should honestly tell your doctor.  This is especially crucial when you have had some iffy trysts.    Affairs are essential to mention, as well.  And if your significant other is cheating – yep, you should share that, too.  According to, it’s likely that your doctor isn’t going to judge you, but he does need to test you for STD’s.

-          Supplements you’re taking.  So what if you’ve been taking a little weight gainer, right?  The doc doesn’t actually need to know, does he?  Actually, he might need to know, especially if your blood pressure is up, or your heart is beating funny.  Same goes for other drugs or herbs you might take. 

-          You’re not taking your medication.  Okay guys, if your doctor prescribes you a medication that you need to be taking, then you actually need to be taking it.  Instead of cutting it off altogether due to side effects, why not have an honest conversation about why you don’t like the medication and why you want to get off of it.

-          You haven’t been watching your diet or working out.  A few too many beers and wings, too many late nights and not enough exercise will likely show in the waistline, but it can also show up in blood tests and your blood pressure, so you’d better come clean before the doctor knows you’ve not been telling the truth.

-          You have pains – anywhere.  The occasional pain might not actually be a big deal, but then again, little problems can signal something pretty substantial, so if you’re having problems, pains and other little quirks, it’s time to come clean.

-          You have potty problems.  Gross right?  Changes in your ability to get rid of waste can be the signal of a problem, but then again, maybe it’s due to stress or diet.  Bottom line, your doctor has heard it all, so don’t be scared to share it.

Guys, it’s not cool to have to be honest about things that embarrass you, but here’s the thing; nobody is ever going to find out.  There are laws to protect from that so don’t worry about your personal information leaking.  Also, doctors are doctors.  It is their job to know the body inside and out, and while they might admit that your gas problem does have a distinct odor, they aren’t grossed out and they won’t judge you for your body’s issues.

Written by Tony Clark

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