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There are some workouts that help people to lose weight, and there are workouts like P90X that help people to get in the best, most ripped shape of their lives.  This workout is not for those who haven’t worked out in years – or ever, this workout is meant to help people that are in reasonable shape to sculpt, define and build strength and endurance like they have never had before.  And it works.


The Science

Tony Horton is the creator and host of the p90X videos, and he is going to take you through some of the most extreme workouts ever, to help you finally achieve your fitness goals.  It is through a series of strength, cardio, stretching and ab workouts that anyone can see results – fast.

p90x stages

 Each day, you will do a workout that focuses on a different area; one day, it’s shoulders and arms, the next day, it might be plyometrics, and the day after that, you might find that you’re doing yoga.

 What keeps people from reaching their goals is what is known as “muscle memory.”  It’s when the muscles remember the movements and the participant stops seeing improvements in the body.  P90X breaks through the muscle memory barriers by working different parts of the body each day.

This means that you start to see results fast – and the harder you work, the better you look!

What you’ll get

When you choose to order the basic P90X package, you’re going to find 12 different dvd’s to help you get ripped, fit, burn fat and calories and get in the best shape of your life.  Each dvd focuses on a different body part, and you’ll also find fat blasting cardio, and yoga to help keep you flexible and balanced.

p90x packageSince you’re going to want to see the best body ever, and get it as soon as you can, you’re also going to enjoy the 3-Phase Nutrition Plan.  Specially designed to help you burn fat and gain muscle, this eating plan is more than a diet – it’s a way of life.



If you still aren’t sure that you should try p90x for yourself, here’s what others have to say about the program:


“I’ve always kind of worked out, but three years ago, a friend introduced me to P90X.  I haven’t done any other kind of workout since.  In the first month, I had lost inches, built my endurance and I could see that my body was becoming leaner and more sculpted than ever before.  I’ve kept it up and kept challenging myself and I’ve never looked or felt better!  Thank you P90X.  I’m hotter than I ever thought I could be!”  Hayley, Chicago

“I’ve always gone to the gym and wished I could get those ripped abs, sculpted biceps and triceps and strong legs like so many of those other guys.  I couldn’t even do a pull up before P90X.  Now – I can do 20.  P90X has shown me how easy it is to get sculpted and lean – and I’ll never work out without the program again!”  Jerry, New Jersey

p90x forms

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