Low-Fat Milk Does Not Help Children Keep Thin

Even though the thoughts on low-fat milk were generally positive, it turns out that it might not be the best alternative that will help children stay at a healthy weight. Milk is an amazing source of calcium and vitamin D, so therefore, it is substantial for children to consume milk so they could build bones and feel stronger and energized. Doctors and scientists were almost convinced that by consuming low-fat milk your children will get all the calcium and vitamin D they need and at the same time they will stay at a healthy weight, but the newest research based on low-fat milk has shown that consuming this type of milk might not be the best alternative and is in fact, not helpful at all.

For eight years, it has been recommended that when children reach their second birthday, they should start consuming low-fat milk in order to prevent weight gaining and maybe even obesity when they grow older.


Even though this idea had seemed like a great new way of keeping young children healthy, it didn’t succeed to convince a larger crowd. What is a bit shocking is that some of the studies had shown that some children that consumed skim milk were actually heavier than other children that consumed whole-milk.

Doctor DeBoer had tried to investigate the connection between low-fat milk and obesity in children by doing a survey on 10.700 young toddlers. Their research has shown some interesting results that surprised DeBoer and his co-workers. His survey has shown that children who drank whole-milk showed lower BMI scores than children who drank low-fat milk. Also, by doing a concrete analysis DeBoer has found out that children who consumed low-fat milk had 57% increased chance of having weight problems in the future.


It is a very well known fact that a high-fat diet can contribute to obesity and maybe even signs of a disease caused by a person’s weight. A high-fat diet can have a negative effect on anyone, without a doubt. Even though consuming low-fat milk instead of high-fat milk means fewer calories, it doesn’t really make a striking difference among toddlers. A lot of scientists and doctors agree that there is a better way to keep a balanced weight of children than by consuming low-fat milk on a daily basis.

Doctor DeBoer has also stated that by starting to consume low-fat milk instead of high-fat milk we do decrease the number of calories we put in our body, but  that doesn’t mean that only by switching to drinking milk that contains less calories we have made the right choice and will keep a healthy balanced weight. Instead of giving advice such as switching to low-fat milk, doctors should recommend the parents’ children that it is very important limit their children’s consumption of processed foods, sugary foods and sugar-sweetened beverages.


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Written by Jasmina Langley

Jasmina Langley has recently moved from Macedonia to explore life in the paradise Peninsula of the United States, Florida. She currently has a home in Starke, Florida and is aspiring to be a hard-core journalist. She is savvy with her words, but has a unique way of getting the point of across in a conversational tone which people are drawn to. She has written for several other popular websites on the Internet, but we are very proud to have her outstanding talents loyal to our needs for NewHealthAlert.net. She also is a journalists for a few other websites throughout the Internet. She will be capturing the news in all of our various health categories, and will not hold back when it comes to bringing you the best reviews, news posts, and information. Contact Jasmina at jasminal@newhealthalert.net

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