Pill Free Pain Relief – That Really Works

There are some proven methods for pill free pain relief, and they might be surprising.  If you’ve got chronic pain, you know how frustrating it can be to have to take medication day after day just to survive.  There are some steps that anyone can take to naturally – and safely beat their pain, and the results are long lasting.


Massage is one method of pill free pain relief

Massage is one method of pill free pain relief

Top of the list:  Massage

Massage may be one of the best pill free pain relief methods out there.  It can come in many forms, and even physical therapists are massage experts, but choosing this method may be all it takes to help people to get off the pain medication and back into life.

Why it works:  As people go through life, their muscles can become tense.  When there is an injury, the muscles may become weak, which causes changes to the way the body is supposed to move because other muscles have to compensate for the weakness.  Over time, this can cause chronic pain.  Massage can loosen the tight, pain causing muscles and help to restore flexibility and natural movement.

Not only that, but it can boost the serotonin and endorphin levels, which both help to fight pain, and boost the mood.  Some even say that massage can stimulate circulation, which promotes healing, especially in the back.

Multiple benefits:  Yoga

Okay, so maybe it’s hard to believe, but according to Prevention Magazine,  Yoga can be another fantastic way to beat pain without pills.  Yoga works with deep breathing, stretching and strength, which can stimulate circulation, build strength and flexibility, and help to relax both the mind and body.  People that practice Yoga regularly report feeling stronger, more flexible and “centered,” which can help with the overall state of mind, as well.

Why it works:  Researchers aren’t certain why Yoga works to help fight problems such as lower back pain, but it could be due to the fact that the whole body relaxes.  Yoga also has core strengthening benefits, and that can help to provide stability and, over time, reduce pain.

Meditation :  the quiet healer

Many people who practice meditation as a way to heal their chronic pain have found results that are not only long lasting, but help participants to feel better than they could imagine.  It is a tool that many medical facilities have begun to implement as a way to help manage ongoing pain.

Why it works:  Medical science isn’t sure why meditation works to help offer pill free pain relief, but it’s long been thought that by meditating on parts of the body that hurt, and allowing the body to relax, the brain can begin to help the body heal.  Whether that’s true or not, meditation is a refreshing, mood boosting practice that almost anyone can benefit from.

These pill free pain management methods might not offer instant relief,  but when used to help ease pain for the long term, they may help people to start living their lives to the fullest again.

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Written by Melissa Krosby

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