Sensa – A Review

Lots of people have seen the Sensa commercials; they show people dancing, singing, looking thin and svelte.  It looks like all they have to do is shake some of this product on everything they eat, and they will surely get thin.

Can Sensa really help people to lose wight more easily?

Can Sensa really help people to lose weight more easily?

Does it work, though?  Do people honestly lose weight, and is it safe?  These are some of the common questions that people have before they start a diet, or select a supplement.

What it does

Sensa works to stimulate the sense of smell, so people feel satisfied with smaller amounts of food.  Participants do not count calories or go on any kind of specific diet; they simply enjoy the foods after they have shaken Sensa onto it.

Sensa is tiny granules that have no taste or smell, but is supposed to alter the sense of smell so that dieters have the signal sent to the brain of feeling full more quickly than without having used it.  Sensa has no calories, no sugar and no sodium.  It is not a significant source of any kinds of nutrients.

This product works to improve feelings of satisfaction from eating; it does not cause cravings or negative side effects.  This may be part of the reason why so many people choose to try it.  There are no stimulants to speed up the metabolism, no fat blockers and no diuretics to contend with, and that’s another plus for many people.

Does it work?

Many people who have used Sensa do report that they have seen some weight loss results.  The only evidence to support the claims of the product are studies that the company itself has done.  This, along with the fact that the program doesn’t seem to offer any kind of healthy eating and fitness guidelines, is alarming for some health care professionals.

Of the two unpublished studies, the first group lost an average of 28 pounds over the course of six months.  The second test group, which was significantly larger, lost an average of nearly 31 pounds over the course of six months.

The issue that many health care professionals have with these tests is that they contained no placebo group to help establish a baseline with.

Is it safe?

The ingredients of Sensa have all been tested by the FDA and found to be safe, so there should be minimal concern about possible side effects of taking this product.  Most of the ingredients are also commonly found in foods, so this product is safe.

Should you try it?

This is the critical question:  is it worth it to invest the money into the Sensa program for weight loss?  That will likely depend on how badly a person wants to lose weight.  For those that have a significant amount of weight to lose, and are dedicated to maintaining a healthy diet and exercise program, then Sensa may be a terrific addition to help people meet their weight loss goals.

However, dieters should never expect that any one product is going to help them lose weight without a little work.

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