Raw Milk and Poultry Bacteria Causing More Food Poisonings

On Thursday, the CDC reported that they have seen an increase in the number of food poisoning cases from the bacteria found in raw milk and poultry.  The bacteria are called campylobacter, and it is responsible for food poisoning.


raw poultry and milk linked to rising food poisoning cases

raw poultry and milk linked to rising food poisoning cases

The CDC has found that cases of food poisoning from this bacterium were up by 14 percent over the last five years.  The report bases its data from food borne infections in just 10 states, which covers only 15 percent of the US population.  However, these 10 states are thought to be a good indicator of the trends when it comes to food poisonings nationwide.

In recent years, the CDC has noted that cases of food poisoning have remained fairly steady.  There has not been any significant rise in the numbers of this type of infection from most of the other types of food bacteria, including E. Coli and salmonella; campylobacter numbers have risen, and in 2012, this bacterium accounted for more than one third of the reported cases of food poisonings in the states that were studied.

It was also the cause of one tenth of the deaths that occurred from food poisoning in 2012.  It may seem like a small number, but in many cases food poisoning of any kind can cause dehydration in the elderly, very small children and those with weakened immune systems.

Food poisoning is not all that uncommon, but it can be distressing, and in some cases, it can even be life threatening.  This particular strain of the illness is characterized by acute diarrhea.  It is usually transmitted by consuming unpasteurized milk, contaminated water, or food.  It can also be transmitted from exposure to infected infants, pets or wild animals.

Symptoms of poisoning from this bacterium include  nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, general feelings of uneasiness, abdominal cramping and/or pain, and fever.

For those that have a weakened immune system, campylobacter can be a serious type of food poisoning.  Some rare cases have caused patients to suffer from damage to the brain or arthritis.  Sometimes, these issues occur after the main symptoms have stopped.

Most of the time, people with this type of food poisoning will heal on their own in about two to five days.  For some, however, it may be necessary to seek medical attention.  It is essential to remember to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of clear liquids.

There are ways that people can prevent this and many types of food poisoning.  By making sure that meats are fully cooked by using a meat thermometer, and avoiding cross contamination of juices from raw meats and eggs, as well as washing the hands, people can reduce their chances of getting food poisoning of any kind.

While the CDC has offered no warnings about this type of food poisoning at this time, it is always beneficial to remain diligent when it comes to food preparation and foods that people eat.

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