New Outdoor Workouts for Spring


outdoor workouts for spring

photo by Frank Kovalchek

Much of the US has been shivering under cold weather. But spring really is coming at last. Bring new life to your workout by taking it outdoors. The crisp air, the scent of spring blossoms, and blue skies can boost your mood and your workout intensity.

Another way to give yourself a boost is to switch up your normal workout regimen. Instead of pushing through the same moves each time, try something totally new. Here are some resources that can get you out and reinvigorate your routine.

Browse on No matter what you like to do, there are people out there doing it. You can find groups for hiking, biking, rock climbing, walking, kayaking, you name it. And if you don’t see a group that’s already doing what you are looking for, you can simply start your own.

Shape shows 10 new outdoor workouts that are sure to get you motivated. The ideas cover a wide range, so click through the workouts and you’re bound to find at least one that appeals. Here are two of the suggestion:

Stand-up paddleboardinging (SUP) is an amazing way to tone your whole body without feeling like you’re exercising (Because it’s fun, but it’s not so easy.) Standing on a oversized long board, you use a paddle to navigate across flat, calm waters. Don’t be fooled by how easy it looks. SUP requires the use of your entire body, with a major emphasis on core stability and control. Former pro surfer Jodi Nelson describes it as “hiking on water,” making it a great choice for anyone who wants to add some water to their workout routine without having to swim in it.


“Going for a fitness scavenger hunt is a great way to get outside and mix up your fitness routine,”…

How it works: First, map out your route (it could be a path you typically use for jogging or walking), and then list 5-10 bodyweight exercises (pushups, burpees, squat jumps, etc). Next to each move, write down a landmark you’ll see along your path (park bench, red light, dog on a leash, or even a black convertible).

To start your scavenger hunt, head out on your route and every time you see one of your landmarks, do 10 reps of the corresponding move. For example, if you listed “park bench” next to pushups, hit the bench for a set of 10 incline or decline pushups every time you see one. It’s a fun way to mix up your routine and add an element of play (and still keep plenty of sweat) to your typical route.

“In addition to being a great workout, this will also keep your mind in the present moment, which is something that a stressful schedule can prevent us from doing,” ….

Men’s Health has a page with two tough workout options that don’t require a gym. They say:

Ever wish you could ditch the gym and work out in the park? Think sun, sweat, and a simpler approach to a fit body—no barbells, machines, or sanitizing wipes. The downside is that your workout can’t be as effective as a health-club session. Or can it? We say it can—with this intense, total-body fat-burning routine. It mixes fast-paced body-weight exercises with maximum-effort cardio to torch calories and boost your metabolism. All that and fresh air, too. Which is especially good, because once you start this workout, you’ll be gasping for Oxygen. (Beach season is here, and so is its shirtless dress code. Get ready to bare your belly with our 6 new core moves that will challenge your midsection from every angle.)

Written by Tony Clark

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