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It might seem laughable, but there is a product out there called the Hapifork.  Yes, say it again:  Hapi – fork.  It is pronounced like it looks.  When I first saw this thing, I laughed – and laughed.  In fact, I laughed so hard tears rolled from my eyes.


Hapifork is a vibrating fork meant to help dieters monitor how much they eat

Hapifork is a vibrating fork meant to help dieters monitor how much they eat

Why was I laughing so hard?  Well, this is a vibrating fork.  It doesn’t need to be said again.  It almost sounds dangerous, no matter how a person imagines that it works.  Think about it for a minute:  you’re trying to eat, so you whip out your Hapifork and you turn it on.  You choose to take an enormous shovel of food, and the next thing you know, you’ve got a lap full of mashed potatoes and gravy, and you’re still hungry.

I was thinking:  Worst case scenario, you chip a tooth or stab your cheek with this vibrating fork that is meant to help people lose weight by vibrating.  Best case scenario, you get mad at the thing and throw it across the room in frustration.  How effective can a fork that vibrates truly be?  Could it work?

It all sounds quite humorous, but the Hapifork does have a purpose.  It is meant to help people lose weight, and aside from the creepy vibrating factor, the makers might be onto something quite cool.  Some people shovel way too much food into their mouths without thinking much about what they are doing.  Before they know it, they are full, uncomfortable and overweight.

Of course, there are no studies to show whether this device is actually helpful to people who are eager to shed some pounds, but many health care professionals and dieticians report that one reason people cannot lose weight is because they aren’t paying attention to what they eat, how fast they eat, or how much they manage to put away.

The Hapifork was actually meant to offset some of this overeating by counting the number of times that a person raises the fork to their mouth in a minute.  It is also meant to help people be more mindful of what they eat.  It works by tracking the speed at which a person raises the fork to their mouths.  The idea is that if a person is eating too quickly, or too much, the fork will vibrate to let the eater know that they should slow down and enjoy their meal.

It’s a brilliant concept, but the handle might be a little bit bulky, and to some can feel like camping gear.  The good news is that users can take it with them anywhere because it comes with a carrying case, and it even comes in different colors.

So, is it worth it?  I can’t say that it is worth making the dent in the wallet to pick one of these vibrating forks up, but then again, I can’t say it’s not, either.  If you know that you have a problem with how fast you eat and actually slowing it down, and you don’t have a problem eating with something that could potentially leave your lunch on your lap, then maybe it’s a good investment.

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Written by Melissa Krosby

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