Top Foods That Boost Your Energy

Feeling healthy and energized is not something that just occurs overnight. In general, the body needs to be treated good enough so it stays in a good shape. There are a lot of foods that are very helpful when one feels like he lacks energy. In today’s society, it is hard to stay 100% healthy and in shape all the time. Sometimes, you need a quick energy boost and the best way to get it would be through natural foods instead of a quick fix with an energy drink, or a big cup of coffee.

Some of the top foods that boost your energy are almonds, chocolate, lentils, oats, cashews, hazelnuts, Brazilian nuts, salmon, bananas etc. Also, consuming water could be very helpful when one feels like he’s lacking energy.


Almonds and other nuts such as cashews, hazelnuts or Brazilian nuts are very important because they are rich in protein and magnesium. When you consume enough protein and magnesium, sugar can be easily converted into energy, and vice versa. Lack of magnesium can have a negative effect and make you feel weak and drained. Also, some types of fish are a good source of magnesium. Apart from a good source of magnesium, fish is also an amazing source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are very important when one is suffering from depression or heart issues.

Oats are very important for feeling energized and healthy, too. They contain B vitamin that transforms carbs into energy. Also, it is important to know that oats have a lot of fiber. They gradually flow into our bloodstream, so that means that they can keep us feeling energized for a longer period of time.


Bananas are also very useful when you need an energy boost. They are high on potassium, and they help the nerves and muscles function normally. The potassium is an electrolyte that the human’s body doesn’t store, so that means that the potassium level can easily drop when a person is in a stressful or a physically hard situation. Being high on sugar and potassium, bananas can help in these types of situations. They are very popular among people that are involved in sports because they are a great source of energy.

Of course, it is of great importance not to forget to consume water on a daily basis. Without it, your body is not able to generate energy or digest the foods you consume.

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Written by Jasmina Langley

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