The Best Workouts All Guys Should Do

Guys do you ever wonder what the best workouts are for you?   There is a lot of attention on women and what they need to do to stay healthy and fit, but there isn’t much being said about what men should do to make sure that they are fit and healthy.  We all know that maintaining a healthy body weight can make people feel great, but it’s also excellent for the heart and lungs, circulation, bones, and just about everything else to do with the body.

The best workouts for guys can help you look like this

The best workouts for guys can help you look like this

So, what are the best workouts for guys to do now?  There are so many out there, but what’s truly going to help guys see results and be in excellent shape?


Crossfit is one of the most popular workouts out there today, and it’s not just for girls.  This workout plan uses body weight, and intense bursts of energy to help guys become functionally fit.

Why it’s fantastic:  Body weight and various exercises help people to build muscles and burn fat more efficiently than if they did separate weight training and cardio.  It’s an intense workout that can be mixed up and enjoyed every single day.

What you’ll find:  WOD’s are full of everything from sprinting, to burpees, to pushups and pull-ups, squats and sit ups, and everything between.    You can download your favorite free WOD’s online too, which means that anyone can get in shape, no matter what the budget.


P90x is yet another workout that both guys and girls can do that will yield some truly impressive results, depending on your dedication to doing it.  This workout uses different types of weights, and intense workouts, cardio included, to help people get in the best shape of their lives.  The workouts last for about an hour a day, and you’re going to feel it – everywhere, but they eliminate the common plateau.

Why it’s fantastic:  Different workouts each day help participants to avoid boredom and the workout plateau that is so common in many workout programs.  It can be as intense as people want it to be.

What you’ll find:  The program consists of a combination between strength for each body part, cardio and intense ab workouts so that participants see results fast.



Like P90x, Insanity focuses on all body parts to help participants lose weight, and get ripped in just 60 days.  Gaining in popularity because it works, the workouts need to be done inside, but it’s intense, and people that love to work out hard will love the results.

Why it’s fantastic:  For many, the best thing about this intense, fat blasting, muscle burning workout is that it only takes 60 days to complete the program, but that doesn’t mean that the work is over; participants will still need to maintain their results and workout regularly.

What you’ll find:  This program will have to be purchased like P90x, but this workout program contains 10 dvds that will push anyone with plyometrics, aerobic and anaerobic workouts that deliver results fast.


Written by Tony Clark

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