Choose Fitness as a Disease Prevention

A couple of studies that were recently conducted showed that fitness might be necessary in order to live a long, healthy life and keep a well balanced immune system. It turns out that middle-aged individuals who like doing some physical activity every now and then are actually healthier and stronger and don’t get sick as easy as their peers who are lazier and would rather spend their free time sitting in front of the TV instead of going out and doing some exercise. As you are doing some physical activity, you are strengthening your cardiovascular system and lungs and you are improving your blood flow. Also, as you are exercising, your muscles are burning all the excess sugar in your blood and you are slowly but surely decreasing stress levels.


Fitness acts as a specific measurement that shows whether your body is in proper shape and whether you are leading a healthy life. A couple of scientists working at the Cooper Institute that is located in Dallas checked out some basic facts taken from a study that included 18.600 male and female applicants. The median age of the applicants at the beginning of the study was 49. The fittest applicants had smaller chances to die from cardiovascular complications, diabetes or Alzheimer’s in the future, unlike the ones who were not in good shape and didn’t lead a healthy lifestyle.

In order to find out how high is your exercise capacity, you should try measuring your METs. METs are metabolic equivalents. The oxygen your body uses while you are awake and sitting motionless and calm or while you are asleep is equal to one MET. A lot of gyms and fitness clubs have machines that are showing the METs value. Also, some of the machines that people use at home can show you the METs value.


Another way to measure your exercise capacity would be with a test based on a walk in the park or some other long track. Take a stopwatch, pen and paper and warm yourself up by doing some stretching and walking energetically. After you are ready to go, start recording with your stopwatch and start walking the long track in front of you as fast as your body lets you do it. Of course, you should not let yourself start panting and feeling like you are going to faint. Be easy on yourself. Doing this specific exercise regularly will help you improve your overall health and will help you understand how to breathe while you are doing this exercise.

Every person is different- therefore, exercise capacity can vary depending on age, health condition, lifestyle, diet etc. You should not overdo this exercise or give up if you feel you’re your METs value is unsatisfying. Athletes across the globe never rush themselves- sometimes, even the biggest sportswomen and sportsmen have been exercising for weeks or months before returning to the field. Therefore, be patient and calm and keep on doing this simple exercise until you achieve better results.

Written by Tony Clark

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