Foods Bad for the Bones

People often tend to believe calcium is the only thing their body requires in order to keep their bones strong. They think that by drinking a glass of milk they can prevent further health conditions connected to their bones and bone strength. Also, it seems that they easily forget that sometimes, their daily routine, eating habits and virtues might have a negative effect on their bone strength and could cause damage to their bones in the future.

If we want to feel physically powerful and have a strong bone structure, we should lead a healthy lifestyle and cut back on some foods that could lead to further damage of the bone structure. Some of the ingredients we should avoid are caffeine, soda, sodium, alcohol and protein.

Caffeine can have a strong impact on our bone strength, considering the fact that when you are consuming foods or drinks high on caffeine, the calcium in your body goes straight into the urinary tract and afterwards in the urine. Consuming caffeine in smaller doses is not necessarily dangerous, but a bigger dose of caffeine can be a real culprit for some serious damage.


Sugar sweetened beverages can also be hazardous for your bones. If you want to keep your bone strength on a desirable level, you should avoid drinking sugar sweetened beverages such as soda or energy drinks.

Eating salty foods is nothing new or peculiar to Americans. If you are fond of salty foods like pretzels or fries, you should think twice and ask yourself- will eating these foods have a negative effect on your overall health? Consuming sodium on a regular basis makes us shed all the calcium into urine or into sweat. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans gave a proper advice to people across the States. They said that consuming around 2300 mg of salt on a daily basis is the perfect dosage of sodium that will not affect our bone strength and is just right for our diet.

Drinking a lot of alcohol might trigger bone issues in some cases. People that tend to drink a lot of alcohol might suffer from bone loss in the future. However, if you are fond of drinking a glass or two, you might be doing the right thing- drinking a glass of wine can protect your bones and keep them healthy.


Eating food rich in protein is one of the most essential things when it comes to keeping them firm and strong. One specific research showed that the female population should consume 46 grams, and the male population 56 grams of protein. In order to keep the pH level impartial, we should not consume more than 46-56 grams of protein on a daily basis. If we tend to overeat and indulge in foods high on protein, we can trigger bone loss easily. Sometimes, eating too much protein and forgetting to consume lighter foods such as green vegetables, fruits and low calorie foods can lead to some serious issues concerning our bone strength.

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Written by Jasmina Langley

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